When to do a coaching

Does it make you moment in coaching?

The first thing that you should answer is if you want make a Change in Your Life.

I offer to you a short questionnaire to find out if coaching is for you, here and now.

The score that best suits your present moment designates of the following statements on a scale of 1 to 10:

  • I am ready to improve my personal and professional life

  • I am ready to questionnaire myself  about my own self-limiting beliefs and my own behaviours

  • I am ready to know what is my purpose of life

  • I am ready to choose what I want

  • I am ready to involve with myself and my own change

  • I am ready to design an action plan and carry out to get my goals

  • Somebody of my own circle will support me  to keep on my way

  • I am ready to persevere in, despite the difficulties

  • I am ready to make me feel more alive.

  • I am ready to create joy in my life.

       Add your score and perform it:

Lesser than 30: Life coaching is not for you right now

From 31 to 60: Life coaching could you help you to see your life from the different points of view, as well to help you to develop a plan to change what you want to change. However, if you  start a life coaching now you will have to commit in realizing the necessary actions to get the changes that you really want, nevertheless you won’t see improvements

More than 60: You are ready to do life coaching! You are  ready to  do the necessary to create the life that you desire. Why not to start now ? Take a moment and contact me  to make you an introduction to coaching for free