About Clàudia

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My Story

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Why choose me as your coach?


I am hungry to see my clients succeed in their endeavours. I bring to each and every session my personal and professional strength in support of you.

I create immediate trust with my clients through my own openness which invites them to open themselves.

I balance the dance between holding the space and provoking my clients to make them move towards the direction they want for themselves.

I am versatile and I creatively use my broad skillset, adapting to the individuality of each client.

As your coach, I will ensure that you are supported throughout the process of transition from who you are now to who are choosing to become.

During this process, I bring strong and passionate support for you whilst you build your bridge to the other side.

My aim is to develop coaching beyond the corporate world and have an impact on people keen to develop their own leadership. 

My professional experience at a glance

I have been working in public and private organisations, and NGOs in Spain, Chile, Ghana and Philippines from a double aspect:

  • Community Psychology developing psychosocial interventions.
  • Organizational consultant and coaching encouraging personal and leadership transformation processes, team processes and training in professional competencies.

For more than four years I have been leading my own project as a freelance coach, firstly from Barcelona and currently from Sydney.

Academic background & Certifications

  • Social-Community Psychology MSc. Pontifical Catholic University of Chile.
  • Psychology BSc. University of Barcelona.
  • Certified Professional Co-active Coach. International Coach Federation.
  • Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR). Mindtraining.
  • Innermetrix Advanced Insights. HR Tools Center.
  • CL1 Certification in emotional modeling. Alba Emoting.