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I am curious about the human soul or, in other words, what it means to be a human.

I was born on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, traditionally an untamed region that nevertheless gave rise to creative genius, such as the surrealist painter Salvador Dalí. Perhaps inspired by such creative forces, I was curious about the world beyond my familiar surroundings from a young age and developed a fascination about the incredible complexity of human nature. I came to see humans as being like kaleidoscopes, complex patterns of biological, psychological and spiritual facets, interacting with social and cultural dimensions, that together define our identity.

Wanting to know why each person is different, despite common aspirations to be fulfilled and happy, is why I studied Psychology. My bachelor’s degree gave me the foundations to start a professional journey full of variety and challenges. I have worked as a group facilitator, community psychologist, trainer, and human resources consultant. Since 2008, I have been a life and leadership coach, supporting people in personal growth, learning processes and the achievement of their life goals.

My desire to foster the inner transformation in others starts with my own approach to life, which I see as a journey of challenges, discovery and changes. That is one reason why I moved to Chile for six years when I was 30 years old. Wondering what was my place in the world, it was here that I experienced a profound awakening. Because I was able to put my normal turbulent life of action on hold and spend time reflecting, I became aware that being – knowing who you are – is the foundation that gives real meaning to what we do in our lives and determines how sustainable change is created.

An important outcome of this period in Chile was my decision to train as a coach. This was a new professional challenge that connected perfectly with my life purpose of having a positive impact on the world. What could be better that helping others shine?

I have lived in Sydney since 2015, and this has been the most demanding stage of my life. Although my essential values have been challenged due to cultural difficulties and professional restrictions, the experience has been positive. It made me take care of myself more than ever, examining my thought processes, and ultimately reinventing myself.

Clàudia Turró, Self-Leadership Coach Sydney

Most importantly, this self-examination and reinvention has given rise to my new coaching approach called Self-leadership. In this approach, your personal power does not stem from specific achievements, but rather from embracing your unique strengths, core values and life purpose.

I have designed coaching workshops as part of my Self-leadership approach. In these workshops, I unleash my passion for creating spaces of social connection, personal growth, and transformation. Participants draw upon the power of group dynamics to experience their own processes of empowerment.

I look forward to helping you achieve your own Self-leadership. I believe that my life and professional experience in three very different cultures, together with my own inner work through psychotherapy, workshops of personal growth and expansion of consciousness, has given me important insights about myself and the complexity and uniqueness of others. This allows me to recognise the multiple facets of each individual and perceive what is essential for my client to work from this point to achieve their personal goals.

Why choose me as your coach?

I am hungry to see my clients succeed in their endeavours. I bring to each and every session my personal and professional strength in support of you.

I create immediate trust with my clients through my own openness which invites them to open themselves.

I balance the dance between holding the space and provoking my clients to make them move towards the direction they want for themselves.

I am versatile and I creatively use my broad skillset, adapting to the individuality of each client.

As your coach, I will ensure that you are supported throughout the process of transition from who you are now to who are choosing to become.

During this process, I bring strong and passionate support for you whilst you build your bridge to the other side.

My aim is to develop coaching beyond the corporate world and have an impact on people keen to develop their own leadership.

My professional experience at a glance

I have been working in public and private organisations, and NGOs in Spain, Chile, Ghana and Philippines from a double aspect:

  • Community Psychology developing psychosocial interventions.
  • Organizational consultant and coaching encouraging personal and leadership transformation processes, team processes and training in professional competencies.

For more than four years I have been leading my own project as a freelance coach, firstly from Barcelona and currently from Sydney.

Academic background & Certifications

  • Social-Community Psychology MSc. Pontifical Catholic University of Chile.
  • Psychology BSc. University of Barcelona.
  • Certified Professional Co-active Coach. International Coach Federation.
  • Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR). Mindtraining.
  • Innermetrix Advanced Insights. HR Tools Center.
  • CL1 Certification in emotional modeling. Alba Emoting.

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