I’m Clàudia Turró


Self-leadership & Leadership Coach

Awaken the leader within!

I help you to build a bridge between who you are, what you want and how to achieve it.


I’m Clàudia



Self-leadership & Leadership Coach

Awaken the leader within!

I help you to build a bridge between who you are, what you want and how to achieve it.


What I Do

Self-leadership & Leadership Coaching

I help you to look at your current stage of life. This clarifies what you want now and in your immediate future. In parallel, I work on developing self-awareness which is a necessary journey to unveil your psychological needs, core values, and strengths. Once you are aware of your own essence, then, you can align who you are with your life goals.



What I Offer

Self-leadership Coaching

One-on-one sessions aimed to unleash your own inner power to take charge of your life and live a passionate and more fulfilled life.

I focus my work on four specific areas: Fulfillment & Happiness, Life Transitions, Professional Development, and Career.

Leadership Development

A dynamic process where self-leadership is at the core of leadership. I start working from here. In a second stage, I help you to develop four Co-active leadership dimensions: leader in front, leader behind, leader beside, and leader in the field.

Self-leadership Workshops:

Life’s Journey, Step into your Power, and Embracing polarities.

These workshops are an essential part of your self-leadership journey. By participating in them, you will grow your self-awareness and strengthen your confidence with the liveliness and interaction that lies within a group.

Tao Game

From the ancient Western and Eastern traditions, this game comes to you.

Through a process of collective wisdom, collaboration amongst participants, and powerful questions from the Tao Game, you will find the answers to reach your quest.

What is the Proces Like?

One-on-one coaching sessions

I do one-on-one self-leadership coaching sessions face-to-face, on Skype, and over the phone.

As I live in Sydney, I only can do face to face with clients who live close by.

My experience is that people often prefer face-to-face coaching until they have experienced really effective coaching over skype or over the phone. So, I recommend you give it a try!

  1. Book a free session

Start by booking a 15-Minute Discussion (add link to book). It will be an opportunity to meet each other over the phone/skype and decide whether coaching is for you.

2. Discovery Session

  • An initial 2-hour Discovery Session which comes after you as my client and I have agreed to work together.
  • The discovery session is a key step that allows time and space to design a strong alliance between you, my, client and, I, your coach. It helps clients to familiarise themselves with the coaching process and create essential coaching “tools”.

3. Coaching Support

  • After each session, I send an email summary of the coaching session which helps you to self-monitor your progress and underpin the key highlights.
  • Between sessions, you have access to email support from me if you need it.
  • Overall progress is reviewed together regularly to make sure you are satisfied with the process of coaching.

Length of the sessions

Whether you engage with a self-leadership coaching process or leadership development, I recommend a minimum of 12 sessions for two reasons:

  1. Change takes time.
  2. You need time to integrate and embody change and learning.

Note: Based on the clients’ goals, the number of sessions may vary.

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