About me


I was born in Empordà, a wild and bold land, surrounded by the windswept coastline of the Mediterranean Sea. A land of geniuses, like Salvador Dalí, delirious painter, and Narcís Monturiol, inventor of the submarine. Perhaps this bursting creative force forged me to be the person who I am. Authentic, adventurous, curious, and a traveller. From my earliest years I remember pursuing the answer to questions to explore a world beyond my familiar surroundings.

I am firmly convinced that life is about changing, trying and failing, and fulfilling your dreams. Consistently with this mindset and my passion for different cultures, I decided to explore the world, living for 6 years in South America. Then, after a period of living in my adoptive city, Barcelona, I decided to pack my bags again in 2015 and move to Australia.

I have an unconditional belief in the ‘human being’. This is a belief deeply rooted in my personal fabric, and based on the conviction that all of us have an immense potential to be discovered. This has driven me during all of my professional pursuits in supporting people, training, and allowing their transformation in both individual and group processes. I discovered coaching in 2005, and from that moment saw it as a way to open windows to the most resounding creativity and vivacity.

It was not until 2011 that I started my training as a coach, becoming a certified professional co-active coach through the Coaches Training Institute. The driving force of this model is to be with people in their lives, finding a balance between who they are and what they are doing.

Beyond coaching I hold values based on social change and equity. From both values I wish to offer my grain of sand to build up a better world where people can be more aware of their opportunities and connected with their life purpose and capacities.

Coaching allows us to awake from a dormant, known status so as to explore new territories from which to connect or reconnect with our own essence and to encourage positive changes in our lives.