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Leadership Development

At the core of leadership is the person whom, more than anything else makes the difference.

Self-leaders show high levels of self-awareness and personal self-management. They are intrinsically motivated and unfold their own life from a place of self-determination. That is why I propose to start a leadership development program with a process of self-leadership coaching. Once the clients are aware of the main self-leadership aspects and use them consciously as a personal resource, the development of the five dimensions of the Co-Active leadership takes place.

Leadership development is a dynamic process where self-leadership is at the core of the Co-Active Leadership Model.

This is what it looks like:

The five Co-active leadership dimensions


WITHIN is the Dimension of Self-leadership.

It means leading from within.

By working on this dimension, you will bring to your consciousness your core values, life purpose, and strengths to set goals and take actions based on your essence.


Leader who is in service to others providing whatever is needed, coaching them, and holding everyone together.


A leader who partners with someone else around a shared vision, intention, and synergy.


Leader who is aware of their impact in and on the world from a place of innovation.


Leader who connects with their team and stands firmly for a clear direction and purpose.

Benefits of the Leadership Development Program

  1. Have the ability to influence your thought, feelings, and actions to achieve the self-motivation and self-direction needed to perform.
  2. Be receptive to your team members while at the same time you hold them accountable for their actions.
  3. Have the awareness to respond to each situation from the most effective dimension of leadership.
  4. Adopt a multidimensional model of leadership that provides you with more personal resources than one-dimensional models of leadership.
  5. Share the leadership at every level in a team, organization, or any kind of system.

How does it work?

Book a free session

  • Start by booking a free session. It will give you a chance to clarify what to expect from a coaching process, to know each other to ensure that you and I are a good match, and start the process of co-designing our work together.

Discovery session

  • An initial 2-hour Discovery Session which comes after you we have agreed to work together.

This session is an essential first step to build a strong coaching relationship. It helps to establish trust, familiarise clients with the coaching process ad logistic details, and creates essential coaching “tools” such as values, vision, life purpose statement, etc to have n hand for ongoing coaching.

Self-leadership sessions

After the discovery session, a further six sessions to develop self-leadership. During the process, the client will integrate essential coaching “tools” such as core values, life purpose, future self, personal strengths, power of taking action, and setting goals according to the client’s core values.

Co-active leadership sessions

  • After the self-leadership work, there will be six sessions to develop multi-dimensional leadership. The first session will involve a Co-active leadership assessment to measure the client’s level of performance in each dimension.
  • The rest of the sessions will revolve around the practice of the different dimensions at the workplace and the evaluation of the client’s progress during the coaching sessions.

Duration of coaching

There will be a total number of I recommend a minimum of 12 sessions split between self-leadership sessions and co-active leadership sessions.

Note: Based on the clients’ goals, the number of sessions may vary slightly.

Coaching support

  • After each session, I send an email with a summary of the outcomes of the coaching, which helps clients to monitor their progress and integrate the main aspects from every session.
  • Between sessions, you have access to ongoing email support with me.
  • Overall progress is reviewed together regularly to make sure you are achieving what you want.

    One-on-one self-leadership coaching sessions can be conducted face to face, on Google meets, on Skype, or over the telephone.


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