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Life’s journey

When we are kids, the world stimulates our imagination, encouraging curiosity and exploration. Unfortunately, this childlike sense of wonder diminishes as we become adults. The demands of everyday life and the pressure to conform often means that we lose contact with the joy of life, the emotional experience and what makes us unique.

But once we recognise our core values, we are able to draw on the vitality and energy that they provide. Our values make us who we are and serve as an anchor point for knowing our true selves.
Identifying our core values can be difficult. But during the workshop, I will help you to do this through enhancing your sense of curiosity and exploration. By bringing your awareness to your core values your will learn about yourself, facilitate fulfilling choices in your life, strategize appropriate actions, and recognise situations in which values are an issue.


  • Relationship between values and fulfillment
  • Values Clarification
  • Values-Based Decision Matrix
  • Obstacles to honouring the values
  • Values Action Log
  • Sample Values List

Material included

  • Personalised notebook
  • Coaching tools, exercises, and templates to use during the workshop and take home to support your continuous learning

Registration & Cost

  • Contact me to register and know further details of fees and dates.
  • There are 7 spots available


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