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Self-leadership Workshops

Self-leadership Workshops

These workshops are an essential part of the self-leadership journey, allowing you to grow your self-awareness and strengthen your confidence through the liveliness and interaction that lies within a group. Participants draw upon the power of group dynamics to experience their own processes of empowerment.

Each workshop lasts 7 hours and they are run in a small-group setting that offers a safe space and a fertile environment to reflect, learn, and talk openly.

What you will gain from these workshops:

  • Specific tools to allow you to rapidly access your core values and strengths, to know how to effectively use your personal resources, and to keep you on track for achieving your life goals.
  • New insights through the sharing of your personal visions and feelings with other participants.
  • Enhanced energy to commit to your growth development and to act on your goals.

Life’s journey

Explore and recognise essential values that connect to what truly matters to you, providing direction to create a meaningful and joyful life.

By learning how to use your core values as a life compass, you will be able to make conscious choices and assess your level of satisfaction in everything you do and live by.

Embracing polarities

Recognise, experience and learn to integrate different aspects of yourself that are opposite tendencies, called polarities. Every aspect of a person is potentially one side of a polarity which is on your radar while the other is out of awareness. Healthy functioning is the ability to meet each new life circumstance with the best position on the continuum of a specific polarity.

Step into your power

Build your inner power by understanding how fear works, identifying your main fears and learning new tools, skills and actions to move from a state of unease to one of empowerment.
Fear is one of the main obstacles to reach strong inner power, however, it is not necessarily a bad thing as long as you take it as opportunity to grow.

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