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What is Self-leadership coaching?

Self-leadership is a recognised process that focuses on your individual’s strengths, core values, and inner wisdom to create the life you want.
It unlocks YOUR potential to expand both your personal and professional life.
When you combine self-leadership with an empowered coaching relationship, like I offer, it awakens the dormant power within you.

Clients who engage with a self-leadership coach report lasting improvements to their lives and a renewed sense of their own capabilities.

Who is Self-leadership coaching for?

  • People ready to expand their levels of consciousness and create a plan of action grounded on what is a meaningful life. If you want to grow, embrace your personal resources, and learn from the challenges of life, then this coaching is for you.
  • People in leadership roles, consultants, coaches, and change agents who commit to developing their leader within. As a result, they will expand their personal resources to be more effective with their individual clients, teams, and organisations. 

Do I really need it?

It is almost impossible to express your full potential on your own since many aspects of yourself remain in your subconscious. Also, it takes intentional actions to achieve life/professional goals. This requires a lot of practice due to the tendency to stick to old patterns.

That’s why self-leadership is necessary. It will support you in three ways:

  1. Feel empowered from being conscious of the aspects of yourself that lead you towards your full potential and the ones that pull you away.
  2. Enable you to be accountable so as to achieve meaningful life/professional goals.
  3. Make conscious decisions in alignment with your Core Values, Life Purpose and Core Strengths.

My approach to coaching

I hold a strengths-based approach which encompasses the whole person. As a co-active coach, my clients affirm they experience a holistic process that involves nurturing all areas of their life.

Simplicity is essential in my coaching. 

I help clients define their most important life goal and together we work from a process that is aligned with their goal. This approach makes it easier for you, the clients, to stay focused on what really matters to you.

In self-leadership coaching I focus on these key areas: 

  • building self-awareness
  • growing self-confidence
  • enhancing your innate ability to handle any situation

Through a thought-provoking and creative process, I inspire you to find your own inner wisdom and make meaningful choices. 

You can achieve real improvements with long-lasting benefits. Shall we begin?

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