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Step into your power

Your inner power is unquestionable belief in yourself, the sense of trust about your capability to handle whatever happens in your life. It is the guiding force that helps us to live a happier and fulfilled life even in the toughest times. Most of us feel this strong inner power from time to time, but it quickly fades once our fears take hold. 

We all have our fears and insecurities, and these tend to come to the surface whenever we meet challenges in our home or work lives, or when we face difficulties in our relationships. One consequence of this is that, as we get older, we avoid doing things that are unfamiliar or too challenging. In other words, in unfamiliar territory, we are out of our comfort zone and our fears tend to “rule the land”. But this is potentially also a land of growth – when we face our fears, we make it possible for our inner power to triumph achieving countless benefits such as building our confidence, untapping our personal resources, and becoming brave.

Reaching a strong and sustained feeling of inner power is a lifetime’s work but this workshop will set you on the right path to achieving it. The workshop takes its inspiration from the classic book “Feel the Fear and do it anyway” written by the world-renowned psychologist Susan Jeffers. It was first published in 1987 and it revolutionised the way we understand fear. It is an opportunity to explore your fears, understand what is fear, learn specific tools to handle any fearful situation, and give you a sense of personal empowerment.


  • The concept of Fear 
  • Level of Fears
  • Five Truths about Fear
  • From Pain to Power Chart
  • Pain to Power Vocabulary
  • Seven ways to reclaim your power
  • Specific actions to face fears

Material included

  • Personalised Notebook
  • Magnetic board to draw your pain to power chart and take home
  • Worksheets and forms to use during the workshop and take home to keep building your inner power

Registration & Cost

  • Contact me to register and know further details of fees and dates.
  • There are 7 spots available


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