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I help you to build a bridge between who you are, what you want and how to achieve it.

What I do

Self-leadership is the core of my coaching work – an approach that allows clients to be the leader of their own lives and gain a sense of empowerment. By developing self-leadership, clients develop inner power and a real influence in one or more areas of life.

I provide a range of services including one-on-one coaching sessions, self-leadership workshops, and The Tao Game, thus offering the opportunity to match your need with the best option for you.

All my services have common aims: increased self-awareness and self-confidence, enhanced emotional and psychological self-knowledge and the acquisition of tools that translate into meaningful actions connected to your core values and personal/professional goals.




I HIGHLY recommend working with Clàudia Turró Ortega as a co-active coach. What a gift! Her intuition to what I needed at any point in the journey, whether that be gentle support or challenging me to reaffirm my goals and propel me into action – ultimately working alongside me to reveal my core values and align them with my chosen vocation even more! Clàudia helped me break through old unhelpful patterns, enabling me to create healthy new ones and back myself to leap into that long goal list I had put on the back burner for years.

Meagan Caratti

Artist, Producer, and Educator. Sydney, Australia

I really enjoyed the Workshop Step into your power. I just feel so open and accepting of myself. I really loved the tools that we were able to take home and I have found them so useful to continue to feel powerful. Claudia is a wonderful leader and facilitator. She is easy to connect with and helps others to find empowerment in themselves and their lives. Thank you so much for sharing your workshop with me!

Stephanie Oldfield

Mental health worker. Sydney, Australia

Claudia is an expert in initiating one’s self-analyzing processes. Her life coaching is very enjoyable as well as constructive, helping to deeply realize and improve your personal situation. The photographs on her homepage just give the right clues on what her excellent coaching is about.

Stefan Zwiers

Architect. Kleve, Germany

My offerings: One-on-one coaching

Self-leadership Coaching

A 6-month program to improve your life in any of these four areas:

  • Fulfilment & Happiness – if you feel stuck or want more “juice” in your life to experience a deep and lasting personal fulfillment.
  • Life Transitions – to deal with major transitions in your life through incorporating/integrating the new parts or behaviours of yourself requiered by your new stage of life.
  • Professional Development – aimed at improving your job performance.
  • Career – establishing greater career clarity or new career directions.

Together we will examine where you are currently at, clarify your core values, life purpose, core strengths, and set meaningful goals. The actions to achieve these goals will be defined after each coaching session.

What you will get from the coaching process:

  • A 2 hr. Discovery session.
  • 12 x 60-minute sessions, one every fortnight, with coaching homework between sessions to put into practice each session’s goals and actions.
  • A customized coaching notebook to support your process.
  • Coaching tools and relevant articles to support your progress.
  • After each session, I send an email with a summary of the outcomes of the coaching.
  • Ongoing email support between sessions.
  • Overall progress reviewed together regularly to make sure you are achieving your goals.

Leadership Development

A 6-month program to work on your self-leadership and the four dimensions of the co-active leadership model: leader in front, leader behind, leader beside, and leader in the field.

This program is for people in leadership roles, as well as consultants and change agents who want to develop their leadership style from the inside out, expanding personal resources to be more effective with individual clients, communities, teams, and organisations.

What you will get from the process:

  • A 2 hr. Discovery session.
  • 6 x 60-minute sessions, one every fortnight, with coaching homework to develop self-leadership.
  • An additional 6 x 60-minute sessions, one every fortnight, to develop multidimensional leadership through a co-active leadership assessment and specific actions to master the different dimensions.
  • A customized coaching notebook to support your process.
  • Coaching and evaluation tools to support and assess your progress.
  • After each session, I send an email with a summary of the outcomes of the coaching.
  • Ongoing email support between sessions.
  • Overall progressreviewed together regularly to make sure you are achieving your goals.

My offerings: Small group activities

Self-leadership Workshops:

  • Journey into your values – Bookings required
  • Step into your Power Bookings required
  • Embracing Polarities Bookings required

Three workshops that I have designed for those who want to grow their self-awareness, strengthen their confidence and gain specific tools to effectively use their personal resources through the interaction within a small group.

Each 7-hour workshop provides you with coaching tools, exercises, and templates to use during the workshop and take home to support your continuous learning.

The Tao Game

Derived from both Western and Eastern traditions, this game for small groups lets you experience the process of collective wisdom, collaboration, and responding to powerful questions, to fulfil a personal or professional wish with the help of other players. 

This game is for individuals who want to pursue a life goal and are ready to commit to that goal with specific actions, or for teams who want to develop a shared vision, build a common project, or find new ways to approach professional projects.

This 4-hour game includes a Tao Game booklet and an “accountability partner/buddy” who provides support after the game.

Coaching methodology

The Co-active model

As a coach, I work from the co-active model which emphasizes the combination of relationship and action – the fundamental elements of a coaching relationship in which you and the coach are two equals and active collaborators.

Within this model, I give continuous attention to my client, focusing on their actions to achieve the results they want in life.

This approach is built on four cornerstones:

  1. The Client is Naturally Creative, Resourceful and Whole
  2. The Agenda Comes from the Client
  3. The Coach Dances in the Moment
  4. Co-Active Coaching Addresses the Client’s Whole Life

Click here if you want to know more about this model.


  • Co-active coaching toolkit
  • Use of the movement of the body in the physical space
  • Gestalt techniques
  • The coaching game
  • Weaving communities’ cards
  • Art exercises: painting, drawing and collage