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Embracing polarities

Our personalities are complex combinations of opposite tendencies and attitudes. Such polarities include introversion/extroversion, femininity/masculinity, and openness/restraint. Polarities have always existed in nature. Just like night and day. We are able to perceive these opposites in nature, and within others; however, most people are unable to recognise, understand, and integrate emotional polarities within oneself. 

It is difficult to comprehend how we can each embrace polarities within the one personality since we naturally tend to narrow our focus to only one aspect of our emotionality creating a feeling of conflict when two aspects of ourselves don’t seem to fit together. How can we feel sad if we see ourselves as a cheerful person?

Our Western culture tends to oversimplify complex experiences in dualistic terms rather than integrate them. What is the result of all that? Rather than integrate different aspects of our personality, we tend to see one polarity as positive (e.g. being cheerful) whereas the other is described as negative (e.g. sadness). However, both facets of these polarities are equally important parts of our personality.

Since polarities are always a part of each individual’s personality, we will only be able to be psychologically healthy by recognising and integrating them. This workshop will help to do this by showing you how to experience simultaneously polarities, and increasing your awareness to achieve feelings of harmony rather than dissonance. It will also broaden your perspective towards the world and the relationships you establish to allow you to see clearly opportunities in front of you.


  • The concept of Polarities
  • Examples of Polarities
  • Assess the level of awareness on polarities
  • Experience Polarities
  • Recognize the conflict about unintegrated polarities
  • Integrate Polarities

Material included

  • Personalised notebook
  • Coaching tools, exercises, and templates to use during the workshop and take home to support your continuous learning

Important information

  • A small group of 7 people to facilitate interaction between participants and engagement with a range of perspectives
  • 30-minute lunch break, 15-minute break for morning and afternoon tea
  • Tea, coffee, and snacks provided
  • Contact me to register and know workshop dates.