Self-leadership Coaching



One-on-one sessions aimed to enhance your own inner power to take charge of your life.
Through a process of discovery, awareness, and choice you will find your own inner wisdom to have a greater impact on your life and the world.

Self-leadership coaching is for people ready to expand their levels of consciousness and create a plan of action grounded on what is most meaningful. If you want to grow, embrace your personal resources, and learn from the challenges of life, then this coaching is for you.

I will take you through a dynamic process where you:

What I Can Help you with

Fulfillment & happiness

Coaching for people who want to be truly alive and live a life of meaning. You might be feeling stuck or in survival mode rather than feeling happy.

Coaching will help you to articulate your core values, life purpose and core strengths, and make life choices that are in alignment.
You will feel a sense of wellbeing and connectedness.

Life transitions

Coaching for people who are experiencing big transitions in life. Some examples are: relocation, parenthood, getting married or starting a relationship, leaving a job, mid-life changes, retirement, etc.

Coaching will help you to re-examine your present sense of being, gain clarity with your bigger purpose, and clarify your life goals for your stage of life.

Professional Development

Coaching for people who want to improve their job performance such as adding new soft skills, excelling in your career, growing your confidence.

Coaching will help you to clarify your strengths, set professional growth goals to enhance or add to your skills, and provide tools to support your self-developmental journey.


Coaching for people who are in a career they do not love, have a lack of clarity and direction, or are seeking out a new career choice. Also, for people who experience job searching with fear and vulnerability.

Coaching will help you to identify the career that better suits your bigger purpose and needs and implement a plan towards the career you really want.

How does it work?

          • Start by booking a 15-Minute Discussion (add link to book this 15-minute discussion).
            It will be an opportunity to meet each other over the phone/skype and decide whether coaching is for you.

          An initial 2-hour Discovery Session which comes after you as my client and I have agreed to work with one another. The discovery session is a key step that allows time and space to design a strong alliance between client and coach. It helps clients to familiarise themselves with the coaching process. It begins the creation of essential coaching “tools” such as identifying values, realising a vision, empowering the leader within, and clarifying logistical details.

          Based on your goals, the length of the sessions is defined.

          Since change takes time, I recommend a minimum of 10 sessions to maximize the benefit from the coaching and allow time for the change(s).

          • After each session, I send an email with a summary of the coaching session which helps clients to self-monitor their progress and underpin the main aspects of every session.
          • Between sessions, you have access to ongoing email support with me.
          • Overall progress is reviewed together regularly to make sure you are achieving what you want.

          One-on-one self-leadership coaching sessions are conducted face to face, on Skype, or over the telephone.